Weekly News Roundup: 1.22.16

By Cari Jackson 01.21.2016 blog

This week in Education and Technology news: Forbes takes a close look at the impact of ESSA on technology in the classroom; Edutopia shares tips for using current events to teach social justice and offers a true account of implementing a maker curriculum; Microsoft will launch Minecraft: Education Edition; and Channel One shares tips on using OneNote.

Taking a New View on Technology in the Classroom

In Forbes, Adam Geller and Neeru Khosla share ideas about how mindsets will need to evolve as the Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA) becomes law. As educators access greater funds for technology, they’ll need to think about how technology can move learning out of the classroom and also pull parents into the learning process.

Turning Current Events into Social Justice Teaching

On Edutopia, Jinnie Spiegler, Director of Curriculum at the Anti-Defamation League, shares tips for educators to use current events instruction to turn students into active citizens. Students are hungry to discuss equity and justice, and current events offers the perfect chance to engage and empower them as activists in their own communities.

Microsoft to Launch Minecraft: Education Edition

Educators have been using Minecraft in classroom for the past several years, in a version called MinecraftEdu. Microsoft, the new owner of Mojang, Minecraft’s Swedish creator, and will now launch Minecraft: Education Edition, available by subscription to schools. Skeptics say, it’s not yet known how Microsoft has improved the product, even though the cost will be higher for schools in the long term. Have you used MinecraftEdu? Thoughts about Microsoft’s plans? Share in the comments.

True Story: The Highs and Lows of Implementing a Maker Program

Kevin Jarrett, a Technology, Engineering and Design teacher in Northfield, NJ, shares a very honest account of what’s going beautifully right and what, well, hasn’t. Jarrett shares what he’s learned about preventing silos, limiting activities in order to control the chaos, setting capstone projects and more.

Channel One Blog: Spotlight on Microsoft OneNote

Apple Distinguished Educator Monica Burns shares ways to use Microsoft OneNote for research and note taking. This digital tool lets users share notes and collaborate with others, from any device, in school or at home. It offers a perfect opportunity for teachers to show students how to take notes during class or during research projects. Have you used OneNote? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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