Weekly News Roundup: 1.30.15

By Cari Jackson 01.29.2015 blog

This week in education news: TechCrunch makes predictions for the year ahead, Edutopia looks at how school libraries are morphing into learning commons, EdWeek looks at the impact of President Obama’s new digital privacy bill, eSchoolNews reports that administrators are finding ways to turn snow days into learning opportunities, eSchoolNews also looks at how early adopters can shine light on path ahead for digital curriculum and Channel One’s blogger reviews Voxer as a platform for PLNs.

TechCrunch Makes Predictions for EdTech in 2015

As institutions settle on solutions in the years ahead, TechCrunch sees technology becoming an intrinsic part of the learning process rather than an afterthought. It also foresees teachers embracing mobile devices, parents exploring the benefits of technology and tech firms discovering what children are most interested in as the main driver of product development.

School Libraries Become 21st Century Learning Commons with Digital Collections

With the digitization of content and the ubiquity of the Internet, information is no longer confined to printed materials accessible only in a single, physical location. Edutopia looks at school libraries that have shifted to digital only resources, replacing circulation desks with cafés in the process.


President Obama’s Privacy Bill Could Reshape Schools and EdTech Industry

Since President Obama announced earlier this month that he would seek a new federal Student Digital Privacy Act, educators, advocates and industry leaders have awaited details that could reshape the responsibilities of both companies and schools when it comes to protecting students’ privacy. EdWeek explores the potential impact.


Snow Days Give Way to “e-Learning Days”

The latest winter storm to pound the Northeast left a foot or two of snow in its wake, in the process shutting down much of the tri-state region, limiting access to roads, flights, and, of course, preventing schools from opening. eSchoolNews explains how some school administrators are using “e-learning days” to end snow days for good.

Early Adopters Provide Case Studies for Digital Curriculum

eSchoolNews invites three early adopters of digital textbooks to share their experiences, from conveniences and triumphs to pitfalls and setbacks of switching to digital-only curriculum. Their stories provide a glimpse into the present, still-evolving world of digital textbooks, and a hint into where it may be headed.

Voxer Offers Platform for Personal Learning Networks
Our resident EdTech blogger explores how Voxer can help teachers facilitate PLNs, or personal learning networks, to share knowledge and experience between peer educators and mentors.


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