Weekly News Roundup: 10.09.15

By Cari Jackson 10.08.2015 blog

This week in Education and EdTech News:

Teacher Turns Students into Makers With “Digital Shop Class”

On Edutopia, Kevin Jarrett, a teacher in New Jersey, reports on his experience starting a “Digital Shop Class.” Mr. Jarrett put $25,000 from a Samsung contest to work for the school with a brand new makerspace. The resources have allowed Jarrett to start Maker Fridays and inspired students to request an 8th Grade Maker Lunch hour. Students have formed startups, invented lip gloss and programmed drones. Stay tuned to his blog series to see where it goes from here!

Online Learning Programs Prove to Be Success for Many Schools

“Tech & Learning” magazine takes a close look at blended learning in action. Schools studied use a variety of combinations of technology, including flipped learning with rotation, blending print and online, and differentiated instruction to keep students from struggling or getting bored. The article offers many examples and insights.

On the Other Hand: Book Shows Tech Not a Fix-All for Education

A new book, “Never Send a Human to Do a Machine’s Job: Correcting the Top 5 Ed Tech Mistakes” makes the case that true transformation will come not from technology but from meaningful education. Authors, writing for the “Washington Post,” take a hard look at past mistakes in order to challenge traditional thinking and inspire new thinking about the future of education in the digital age.

Evolution of Hours of Code

Teachers, parents and students across the country have joined the Hour of Code. Tech & Learning shares its history, how it works, examples of schools putting it into practice and steps you can take to implement it in your school.

#IWishMyTeacherKnew Activity Lesson Plan

Channel One News curriculum producer Annie Thornton shares a lesson plan built around the “I Wish My Teacher Knew” activity. By starting with a Channel One News report on the trend from last spring, students can see what impact the activity has had for other students before the start off on their own social-emotional learning journey.

How One Teacher Uses Tech in a Special Education Classroom

Monica Burns interviews Wendy Thompson, a teacher in New Jersey, to find out what types of technology she uses to enhance learning in her classroom. Thompson shares tips and advice based on her experience.


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