Weekly News Roundup: 10.2.15

By Cari Jackson 10.01.2015 blog

This week in Education and EdTech news: EdWeek reports on PD on Common Core discussion questions, a growth-mindset update, and getting ELLs to love writing; Edutopia updates its Connected Educator month resource list; Edudemic runs down media literacy tools; and Minecraft gets even more love from teachers.

Getting Better at Common Core Questions

The topic of Common Core has dominated the media for years, but teachers in the classroom are still getting the hang of just what a good Common Core discussion question is. While questions need to drive students to support answers with evidence from the text, the best questions have no “right” answers and instead get students to open up and apply new understanding to other texts. EdWeek reports on new professional development courses that help teachers take small shifts toward better methods for eliciting great class discussions.

A Growth-Mindset Stance on the Growth-Mindset Message

Carol Dweck’s book Mindset changed the way many educators encourage and motivate students. Instead of aiming for perfection, the growth mindset focused on putting forth effort, accepting and learning from failure and having faith that if we keep trying, we can reach our goals. However, praising effort too much can leave students working hard in all the wrong ways. In EdWeek, Dweck shares lessons learned about how to truly encourage a growth mindset that yields success.

How One Teacher Gets ELLs to Love Writing

In another great article from EdWeek this week, Mary Ann Zehr shares how she stoked a love for writing in her English Language Learners. By bringing in authors, introducing students to authentic audiences and getting students to see themselves as writers with stories to share, this teacher made writing relevant and compelling for her class.

PBL and Gamification: So Happy Together

On Edutopia, an ELA teacher shares how she gamified her project-based-learning curriculum. From prepping curriculum to planning rewards, this article offers some specific tips sure to help with your next class project.

It’s Connected Educator Month!

Edutopia shares an updated collection of great resources for connecting with online communities. Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Education, Connected Educator Month (CEM) offers many opportunities for informal professional development. Edutopia offers a Getting Started kit, along with a vast array of ways to connect on Twitter, share your work, embark on DIY professional development, and much more.

Turning Every Student into an Expert Researcher

Today’s digital natives know their way around a device, but still need help finding their way through the Internet. Edudemic blogger Sarah Muthler offers resources for how to teach media literacy, from search terms to deep dives to plagiarism.

Mindcraft Opens More Doors for Students and Teachers

I went through my own transformation on Minecraft, watching my own son’s imagination take off. So, I’m always happy to read articles about how teachers in every subject area are using MinecraftEDU to teach everything from Geography to literacy skills to Science concepts. Via Tech&Learning, KQED News shares teaching strategies for leveraging the Power of Minecraft.


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