Weekly News Roundup: 10.23.15

By Cari Jackson 10.22.2015 blog

This week in Education news:

Rachel Carson’s Words, Illustrated: The Best Thing You’ll Read All Week
An artist perfectly illustrated Rachel Carson’s beautiful words on the importance of instilling children with a sense of wonder and excitement. For parents and teachers, some great inspiration.

Brain Labs Teach Students About Principles of Cognition
Brain Labs support the notion that if students understand how the brain works, then they will better learn how to learn. Brain labs help students regroup and refocus and improve academic achievement. Teachers might choose a brain topic of the week, such as stress, memory, or movement and the brain. This Edutopia blog offers resources for getting one off the ground.

MacArthur Foundation Funds Collective Shift to Support Digital Learning
EdWeek reports that the MacArthur Foundation is giving $25 million to the Collective Shift project, which will focus on expanding work in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Washington.

KidVision for Mystery Skype and Mystery Google Hangout
Tech&Learning blogger Chris Aviles put a GoPro on a student to see how the student experienced a Mystery Skype session in the classroom. Don’t know what a Mystery Skype or Mystery Google Hangout session is? The article also lists steps for a successful session.

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