Weekly News Roundup: 11.13.15

By Cari Jackson 11.13.2015 blog

This week in Education and Technology news:

8 Living Artists Educators Can Use to Make Connections
Edutopia blogger and art educator Stacey Goodman created a list of famous living artists who provide opportunities for arts integration. For each artist, Goodman shares examples of connections and how to use their work as a multimedia representation of current events issues.

Education Jargon: Damaging More Than Just Our Moods
For those of us steeped in the education world, jargon is often the bane of our existence. As this Washington Post article points out, there’s even an Education Jargon Generator http://www.sciencegeek.net/lingo.html dedicated to making fun of it. But the problem is real. Using murky language hinders our ability to effectively communicate about how to improve education. Reporter Valerie Strauss asks, do we have to use those words?

Schools Still Struggle to Access High-Speed Internet
EdWeek reports on the results of a broad survey of districts about the success of equipping schools with high-speed internet. The survey found that, while there were many gains, cost and rural settings are two of the biggest obstacles to access. It also found that schools often experienced outages and slow speeds. The FCC put $1.5 billion toward outfitting schools, but progress remains slow.

Channel One News Veterans Day Lesson Plan and Resources
In case you missed it, this week our education content producer Annie Thornton rounded up Channel One video resources and a lesson plan to use with students as you build background around Veterans Day. Channel One News Curriculum and Video Library subscribers can access these videos anytime, but we’ve unlocked a couple and shared them on our blog for you to enjoy.

An Interview with a Google Certified Trainer
EdTech blogger Monica Burns interviews a teacher who built her skill set by joining the elite community of Google Certified educators and trainers. Find out what this certification could do for your teaching.



Fostering Social-Emotional Learning in Your Classroom

As educators, we do everything we can to create a nurturing classroom environment for our students — but sometimes, they…


Writing in Response to Reading: Tech Tools for Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces are an important genre of argumentative writing, and crucial for students to demonstrate a deep understanding of what they have read….


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