Weekly News Roundup: 12.4.15

By Cari Jackson 12.03.2015 blog

This week in Education News: Tech&Learning shares best practices for Chromebook management; Edudemic explains naturemapping; Edutopia prepares us for the Hour of Code; Mark Zuckerberg announces a pledge to philanthropy; and Monica Burns rounds up great tools to increase engagement.

How to Make Chromebooks Work for Your Classroom

Tech&Learning shares great ideas for unleashing the power of Chromebooks for learning. It explains how customization empowers learners, how setting up routines streamlines the experience, and how it makes differentiation seamless. It also includes a roundup of charging stations.

Incorporate Naturemapping into Your School’s Curriculum

Naturemapping has been around since the 1990s, and with today’s climate crisis, it’s more important than ever to connect students learning to current environmental issues. Edudemic offers a perfect starting place. NatureMapping goes beyond building science knowledge and into critical thinking and observation skills that will serve students for a lifetime.

The Hour of Code Is Upon Us!

Edutopia shares a list of resources to make your Hour of Code events a success. This year, students can engage with coding by maneuvering Star Wars characters through various actions and using blocks of code to go on a Minecraft adventure.

Mark Zuckerberg Had a Baby and Wants to Change the World

Mark Zuckerberg already kind of changed the world by starting Facebook. But now that he’s had a baby, he wants to do more than offer the world a venue for the humble brag. He and his wife Priscilla Chan, in a letter to their daughter shared on Facebook, explained that they will give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares to charity. Although, the New York Times explains that he isn’t exactly giving it away. Either way, hopefully some good will come of it.

Apps and Tools to Increase Classroom Participation

Apple Distinguished Educator Monica Burns rounds up some of the best tools for increasing classroom participation and engagement. Some of these tools are particularly great for engaging struggling or shy students, while others are great for assessment, differentiation, and organization.


Apps and Web Tools to Increase Participation

Teachers of all subject areas want to make sure students have an opportunity to participate in class discussions. There are…


EdTech Spotlight: Socrative Formative Assessment Tool

A variety of technology tools exist to make formative assessment a seamless part of everyday instruction. Socrative is a powerful formative…


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