Weekly News Roundup: 2.16.15

By Cari Jackson 02.16.2015 blog

This week in education news, we found advice from Edutopia on making professional development fun for teachers, as well as EdTech tools for Black History Month; insights from EdWeek on how blended learning and longer schools days have lifted scores in some schools; a New York Times report on the impact of closing the education gap and a roundup review of several grammar apps; and finally, e-School News offers essential tips for successful crowdfunding for the classroom.

Make Learning Fun — for Adults

There’s plenty of talk about how educators can make learning fun for students, but what about for teachers? On Edutopia, Carl Hooker explores how professional development could be spiced up, by turning conferences into “learning festivals” and getting learning on the go through Interactive Learning Challenges (ILCs).

EdTech Tools for Black History Month — and Beyond

Edutopia also checks out six EdTech tools for learning about African-American History. The list includes a location-enabled app that points out historic locations, the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s database of images available for multimedia projects, and the National Underground Railroad Museum’s traveling trunks of lesson plans and curriculum.

Schools Test Combined Impact of Blended Technology and Longer School Days

EdWeek takes a look at a new guide for educators that says the pairing of blended learning and an expanded school day hits the educational sweet spot, providing opportunities for better teacher collaboration, personalization of education, and student engagement.

Study Finds that Closing the Education Gap Could Lift the Economy

The New York Times reports on a new study that claims the United States could raise the GDP by improving educational performance for the typical student. Closing the education gap could yield roughly $900 billion in higher government revenue, more than making up for the cost of raising quality.

English Grammar Aids Help Native Speakers and ELLs

The New York Times also reviews several apps that help people improve their grammar knowledge. Reporter Kit Eaton finds that these apps help not only English Language Learners but also native speakers who could always use some fine tuning.

Essential Tips for Successful Crowdfunding
Many teachers have been able to equip their classrooms through the power of crowdfunding. e-School News offers nine essential tips for successful crowdfunding, from picking the right platform to putting your personality into the post.


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