Weekly News Roundup: 3.23.15

By Cari Jackson 03.22.2015 blog

Here’s the latest in Education and Technology news: Tech and Learning shares what not to do with tech in the classroom; Forbes reports on a “New Vision for Education” and how the US education system is killing creativity; eSchool News reveals how school districts have coped with implementation of online testing; EdWeek reports on the reaction after one elementary school eliminated homework; Edutopia shares tips for managing large classes; and our EdTech blogger explores tools to use with SMARTBoards.

The Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Tech into the Classroom

Tech and Learning explores the biggest mistakes teachers make when incorporating tech into the classroom. From substituting technology when the analog equivalent works better to using technology as a $1000 pencil, this article offers a how to on what not to do.

World Economic Forum Releases “New Vision for Education”

A Forbes article summarizes the World Economic Forum’s report that demonstrates the many gaps in education, between developing and developed nations, among developed nations, and within individual nations. It finds that while students should be adept at critical thinking, problem solving, persistence, collaboration and curiosity, many are falling behind in unexpected ways.

Is American Education Killing Creativity?

Forbes also reports that education in the United States “is stifling the creative soul of our children,” with “significant economic consequences for the future of our country.” A culture of stigmatizing mistakes is to blame, among other issues.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Online Testing

eSchool News shares tales from the field on how schools have fared in implementing online testing, from total disaster to models of success.

Parents Protest After NY School Eliminates Homework

EdWeek reports on one school’s initiative to do away with homework. After school officials carefully assessed the research around the effectiveness of homework in elementary school, they decided the net effect of homework was negative for student achievement. Parents were blindsided and protested the school’s decision.

Tips and Tools for Managing Large Class Sizes

Edutopia blogger Rebecca Alber shares tips for handling the large class sizes that continue to result from budget cuts. Among the nuggets: “Just because it’s loud doesn’t mean they’re not learning,” how to use surveys to get to know students, and how to use a thumbs up/thumbs down quick gauge for understanding.

EdTech Tips: SMARTBoard Resources 

Our EdTech blogger Monica Burns shares some great tools for deepening learning with SMARTBoards in the classroom.


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