Weekly News Roundup: 5.1.2015

By Cari Jackson 04.30.2015 blog

This week in Education news: Edudemic looks to innovative companies for ideas on innovative education; the Times reports on the importance of college; Edutopia outlines a new taxonomy for media literacy; eSchoolNews shares four key developments in digital learning; and Monica Burns offers tips on making the most of conferences.

Educators Look to Innovative Companies for Ideas on Nurturing Creativity

Teachers can take a cue from tech companies and find ways to stoke innovation and creativity in their own students. Edudemic described how some teachers have copied Atalssian’s Fedex day and Google’s Innovation Time Off days, time off from daily tasks in order to allow employees to explore and try out new ideas. Teachers can bring in professionals from their community, allow some self-directed time and set students free to let loos and have fun.

New York Times Reports on the Debate Over the Importance of College

Many claim that college isn’t for everyone, yet the numbers clearly demonstrate that college degrees benefit those who attend. And when admissions takes a chance on at-risk students, the students benefit, regardless of whether they dial back to a community college or make it to graduation. Many more teenagers have the ability to attend college than currently do. As some try to warn against the pitfalls overinvesting in college, it’s important to consider which kids, exactly, people are trying to dissuade and to what end.

A New Taxonomy for Empowering Students Use of Media

Edutopia explores how teachers can help students become critical media consumers and creators. With a new taxonomy, all media use holds the potential to be positive and empowering. The goal is to help them understand how to publish, critique, create, curate and consume media with the goal of becoming adept at decoding the media they engage with.

Annual Survey Says…Four Key Digital Learning Developments

eSchool News reports that on the results of Project Tomorrow’s annual Speak Up survey. A majority of high school students — 58 percent — use their own mobile devices for learning in school, and 47 percent of teachers report that students have access to mobile devices in their classrooms. The findings show a new urgency in learning how to effectively use these tools and content. It also shows that digital equity will become an increasingly important issue for educators to tackle.

Tips & Tricks for Attending an Education Conference

Our resident EdTech blogger and Apple Distinguished Educator Monica Burns shares a host of tips for making the most of your next trip to an education conference. From putting Twitter to use to staying flexible to maximize opportunities, these ideas will help you stay on track and keep from getting overwhelmed the next time you wade into the world of EdTech conferences.


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