Weekly News Roundup: 6.12.15

By Cari Jackson 06.12.2015 blog

This week in EdTech news: EdWeek reports on why teachers hesitate to incorporate technology; Tech&Learning shares a presentation full of ideas for using STEAM to support struggling learners; Edudemic shares tips for getting started with tablets; a blogger predicts the future of wearable tech in the classroom; and Monica Burns shares tips for connecting students with authentic audiences.

Why EdTech Has Yet to Transform Teaching

Public schools are spending billions per year on digital educational tools, but is that investment paying off? It turns out that achieving student-centered, hands-on, technology-driven instruction remains elusive, as teachers hesitate to adapt and implement new ways of teaching. EdWeek peers into classrooms to see what obstacles persist for EdTech and how schools, districts and companies can address the real worries of teachers.


STEAM It Up for Struggling Students

Tech&Learning shares a presentation on how STEAM (just add art to STEM) education can transform achievement for struggling students. Shelly Terrell shares a bevy of links to help teachers escape the rut of books and slides. From gamification to science recipes for learning through cooking to incorporating storytelling or mindmapping to bring a concept home, this presentation covers the gamut of STEAM possibilities.

Starter Kit for Tablet Activities

Whether you just got a shipment of iPads and you don’t know what to do with them or you’re a veteran user who can always use a few new tips, Edudemic shares another roundup of ideas for how to start using tablets in your classroom.

Wearable Tech Set to Transform (or at least have an impact on) Teaching

Wearable technology is taking hold, slowly but surely, and according to some experts, they’ll eventually have an impact in the classroom. One blogger at WT VOX predicts that the tools could help teachers recognize students on day one, connect with pupils, enrich instruction with augmented reality, and more.

Student Assignments Target Authentic Audience

Our resident blogger and Apple Distinguished Educator Monica Burns shares guidance for creating assignments with authentic audiences in mind. Authentic audiences — whether online or face-to-face — give students a greater sense of purpose and help them feel connected to the world at large. How have you helped your students connect to the real world.


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