Weekly News Roundup: 6.29.15

By Cari Jackson 06.29.2015 blog

This past week in Education news: Edutopia reports on the rise of the Teacherpreneur; Edudemic explains how to use self-publishing for project-based learning; Edudemic also shares clever ways to engage students through LEGOs; EdWeek reports on how districts are finding the right digital curricula; and our resident blogger shares ideas for using Twitter with students.

Teacherpreneurs Lead Change from Within

Teachers have to be among the most adaptable professionals in the world, constantly innovating and improvising to meet diverse students’ educational needs. Edutopia explains, “teacherpreneurs” are action-oriented networkers who acquire and share ideas at a faster than average pace, building communities of practice all around them. As educators problem solve, it’s important to find ways to support their efforts and to quickly communicate new solutions and work-arounds to peers in the field. Along the same lines, you may also want to check out this Edudemic article on the teachers’ guide to Pinterest. http://www.edudemic.com/the-teachers-guide-to-pinterest/

Teacher Makes Students Part of the Self-Publishing Process

Edudemic reports, when a teacher decided to self-publish his writing he invited his students to weigh in on the process. The result was an authentic project-based learning opportunity to educate his students on the editing and revision process, graphics and illustration, and marketing and event planning. As students offered feedback, the teacher also got a reminder about considering the audience and was able to make important improvements to his own work.

12 Unexpected Ways to Use LEGOs in the Classroom

From counting to classification to coding, LEGOs make learning complex concepts child’s play. Edudemic shares 12 ways to use LEGO bricks in the classroom, for math, literacy, writing and thought exercises. This article doesn’t even begin to address building and robotics exercises, demonstrating how expansive the possibilities are for engaging kids with a favorite toy.

Districts Explore Digital Curricula for the Common Core

The options for digital education resources seem boundless, which can create problems for districts as they separate the wheat from the digital content chaff. EdWeek reports that some districts have supervisors of blended learning in order to effectively implement technology using the right products that link to their districts’ interpretation of the Common Core.

A Primer for Teachers Who Are New to Twitter

Our resident blogger and Apple Distinguished Educator Monica Burns offers a variety of ideas for using Twitter with students, particularly in the Social Studies classroom. Twitter isn’t just an outlet for celebrities and cat videos — it’s also a force for social movements and momentous change. Learn how to harness its power in your classroom.


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