Weekly News Roundup: 7.25.15

By Cari Jackson 07.25.2015 blog

This week in Education news: Edudemic helps teachers connect on social; an Edutopia blogger shares some hard-won 3D printer wisdom; EdWeek reports on the literacy potential in closed captioning; Tech&Learning shows you how to stretch your EdTech budget; and Monica Burns shares tales from ISTE.

Social Media Key to Collaboration Between Teachers

Teachers have very little time for collaboration, but many wish they had more. The field of education is currently in a state of great upheaval, and teachers need a community more than ever, to exchange ideas and to find and give support. Online social media platforms offer an opportunity for teachers to connect. Edudemic offers guidance for using five great ones, including Staffrm, Twitter, Google+, podcasts, and LinkedIn.

How to Wrestle That New 3-D Printer

The maker revolution is well underway, and schools across the country are adding 3D printers to their newly created maker spaces. But those machines come with some quirks, so Edutopia blogger Vicki Davis offers 17 tips compiled from her experience with a Makerbot 3D Mini over the past year.

Studies Say Closed Captioning Contributes to Literacy Skills

Current research finds that closed captioning could serve as an important resource for struggling readers and ELLs, EdWeek reports. Studies have shown that exposure to same-language captioning improves decoding, word-recognition and comprehension skills. Up to now, this has been an overlooked and underused resource, but it could prove critical for burgeoning readers.

Do More With Fewer EdTech Dollars

Tech&Learning shares 10 tips for stretching the technology budget in your school. The post explains how educators can lower their professional development budget by simply sharing their experiences with hits and misses in regular meetings. Other tips include: cloud computing as a cheap alternative to maintaining a server; learning management systems that serve as a cost-effective communication and data management system; paperless documentation to lower copy costs; as well as free resources, like Google options and Skype, to enable students to connect for less. These tips and more can help you develop an efficient plan for technology.

EdTech Blogger Reports Back on ISTE

Our resident EdTech blogger and Apple Distinguished Educator Monica Burns shares her experience at ISTE this past June. Check out her post, and maybe we’ll see you at ISTE next year!

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