Weekly News Roundup: 7.3.15

By Cari Jackson 07.02.2015 blog

Happy Fourth of July! This (short) week in Education news: Edutopia expands its Common Core resource list; eSchoolNews finds new ways to use flipped classrooms for special ed students; EdWeek reports on the challenges of digital learning at home; and EdSurge asks educators what they think of the only privacy debate.

Edutopia Updates Guide to Common Core Resources

Edutopia regularly updates this page dedicated to collecting resources for learning more about Common Core State Standards. Topics cover the debate, getting started, implementation, lesson planning, assessment, research, and more.

Special Ed Teachers Find Make Connections Through Flipped Approach

The concept of using a flipped classroom for special education students is pretty simple: when students fall behind during class time, they can repeatedly revisit the content at home on 1:1 laptops. Students can also preview content the night before, and the bulbs go off during class time when they hear ideas repeated. eSchoolNews has more on how the approach could help kids across the learning spectrum.

Tech Use at Home Creates Opportunities and Challenges for Deeper Learning

As teachers rely on the availability of digital access at home for students to complete assignments and deepen their engagement, many challenges arise. Teachers must assess access issues for their students, while parents must monitor whether students are collaborating or socializing via messaging and social media. EdWeek looks at how to balance digital learning with students’ well being and needs.

Educators Weigh in on Privacy Debate at ISTE 2015

At ISTE, EdSurge asked nine educators what they think about the privacy debate. How are schools handling it? Where do the dangers lie? As teachers learn more about how privacy works, they’re bringing more to the discussion about how to train other teachers and how to inform administrators, EdTech companies and lawmakers on levels of tolerance and the need for improvement.

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