Weekly News Roundup: 8.14.15

By Cari Jackson 08.13.2015 blog

This week in education news: Key and Peele give teachers a shout out; Education World offers tips on breaking the ice, with new students and with colleagues in a new school; Edudemic rounds up OER sites; and Monica Burns shares how to use memes to engage students.

Key and Peele Wonder, What If We Treated Teachers Like Star Athletes?
It’s no secret that society gets far more excited about a second string quarterback’s throwing arm than it does about how a teacher engages students. Popular skit comics Key and Peele parody Sports Center’s breathless reporting on athletes to discover what would happen if we got just as excited about an educator’s play of the day.

Back to School and Breaking the Ice
Teachers share their favorite icebreaker activities in time for the start of school. How did you start the conversation with your students? What are some of your favorites? Share in the comments below!

Free Educational Resources? Why not?!
We love what we create here at Channel One News, but we know your needs are boundless. Edudemic rounds up resources for open educational resources, or OERs, that aggregate public domain content. It shares sites like OER Commons, Curriki and Gooru for curriculum planning needs.

Tips for New Teachers and New Job
Are you just starting your career? Or have you snagged a new position in a new school? Education World offers a primer for first-year teachers a step-by-step guide to starting off on the right foot with all of your colleagues and administrators.

Using Memes to Hook Students
You might not know what a meme is, but chances are you’ve probably chuckled at one. Memes are clever pairings of words and images that communicate a nuanced idea in a humorous way. Most students encounter them — and may even create them — on a regular basis. So this presents a great opportunity to grab their attention by having them communicate new concepts through a familiar medium. Monica Burns’ offers tips on pulling off this fun lesson idea.


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