What Are You Reading or Watching This Summer?

By Scott Evans 07.07.2014 blog

feature-image-the-giver-scott-books-blog-postSo I have been really into Sci-Fi/Fantasy lately… most of my summer reading list takes a look at what the future could hold.

Oh and they both have been made into summer movies! #winning

First up is the Divergent series. I have to say i wasn’t sure about the books at first… but then I saw the trailer for the movie…and now I’m excited to see what happens.

Next on the list is The Giver, by Lois Lowry. Though – to me – the thought of “sameness” is more terrifying than a man with a knife chasing you, the story explores the power of choice and the trailer looks a fun summer movie for sure!

So what about you? Any action on your summer reading list!?

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