What Would You UnJunk?

By Maggie Rulli 02.05.2014 blog

When I interview Kris Bronner, co-creator of UnReal Brands,  he said he had one simple mission: To unjunk the world, starting with candy.

His theory was that if he could unjunk one of the junkiest things in the world – candy – then he could unjunk, well, anything.

With that challenge in mind he’s now asking for your help! Wanna have your favorite candy bar get an Unreal unjunked remix? Here’s what to do: post your favorite candy in the comment section below. Kris will check out all the suggestions. He’ll let you know if your request is already in line for a unjunked makeover, and he’ll even take a look at what candy gets the most requests. Who knows, thanks to your suggestions, it could be your favorite candy that gets unjunked next!!

And obviously the Channel One Newsroom didn’t want to be left out! So here’s our picks for what candy we wanna see get an UnReal unjunked remix:

Maggie Rulli: Butterfingers or Charleston Chew

Scott Evans: Oreos

Shelby Holliday: Gummi bears

Demetrius Pipkin: Mike & Ikes or Red Vines

Keith Kocinski: Almond Joy

Tom Hanson: Whatchamacallit

Chris McKenna: Chips Ahoy cookies

Alex Honeysett: Crunch Bar

Kristin Sachau: Swedish Fish

Alright your turn – What’s your favorite candy that you wanna see get unjunked?


  1. roi

    unreal sour candy,chips,chocolate,snickers,gummies,reeses,m&m,

  2. fish filet

    i would like if you unjunked dove chocolate because it tastes so good!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cutie Pie

    I think they should junk free EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marie-Wells

    I SO AGREE WITH SCOTT!!!! OREOS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Abigail

    I would totally unjunk hersheys and chocolate covered pretzles.

  6. Carrie

    Herserys kisses, gobstoppers, and skittles

  7. Makayla-Groulx

    I`d say Jolly Ranchers and Hershey’s candy! They both are so good!

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