What’s Going on Here?

By ch1c0nta@ctus 01.03.2012 blog

Can you guess what was happening in this picture?

and I were in Cedar Rapids, Iowa covering the Iowa Caucus and late into the
night we were sending footage back to New York for the show, when our
executive producer emailed us (way after bed time, btw) the following:
“We need
another line taped for your segment!”
In the scramble to find a place quiet enough to tape, I ran to the closet with the camera and got to recording as
quickly as possible. Sarah thought the image, and the picture, was hilarious! (Editors note: so do I).
I thought we
should share the moment with you guys. If you’re up to it, leave your own caption in the comments or head over
to my Facebook page and post it there.


  1. Rachel

    its ok! no one can find me here……

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