Would You Step In?

By Justin Finch 09.19.2011 blog

This is my first blog entry, and the subject is pretty serious.

Right now, I’m gearing up to moderate a panel in Washington, DC about bullying prevention, and some of the stories are somehow hard to believe, and very relatable at the same time, especially given that as many as one third of teens have reported being bullied at school.

What’s so striking about some of the personal essays I’m reading is how brutal the bullying is: there’s a young Muslim girl who had her head scarf ripped off while at school, and another girl who was routinely made fun of because of her rare illness. All of them wish more of their classmates would’ve stuck up for them when the bullying became too much to bear, but hardly anyone did.

That didn’t stop them though. Because now they’ve taken that pain and turned it into motivation. They travel the country speaking out about bullying and showing others how they can stop it their schools and communities, which is really awesome.

Still, though, it got me thinking: why is it so hard for people to help someone that they see or know is in trouble or being mistreated? What do you guys think?


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    yes i would i love channel one w c fri day middle school

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