You’re So Vain

By ch1c0nta@ctus 02.11.2011 blog
By Ariel Nicastro

Ever begged your friends to take down a bad picture of you on Facebook? Or refused to take pictures because you?re having a bad hair day? 
Well fear no more bad profile pictures – the Lumix FX77 digital camera is here to rescue you with an easy way to make you look like a rock star in all your photos. This digital camera has a built in beauty salon with lots of tricks up its sleeve. The beauty retouch feature allows you to whiten your teeth, remove dark circles from under your eyes, add color to your cheeks, and more.
Adding a bit of glam to a picture is never a bad thing. Color shock is in, and people are looking for ways to make their pictures look professional and dazzling. But maybe people should go for a more natural look. Is this built-in-beauty-salon really a good idea or does it just make you seem fake? Maybe we should just look like ourselves and work on feeling comfortable with our own look. 
But do you think  you?re ready for your close up with this camera? Or do you love the natural look more? Vote now!

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