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  1. Hailey Nowack

    Wait! That was due today? I didn’t hear you!

  2. Hailey Nowack

    Wait that was due today? I didn’t hear u say that

  3. Ambrose

    Did you do your homework?

  4. Madison


  5. Madison

    when your mom asks did you get your homework done you then say yes but you actually completely forgot to do it because of your music

  6. Madison

    Oh sorry…you were saying something

  7. Caleb Rumsey

    When you realize you forgot to plug in your headphones in class.

  8. Leo


  9. Connor Miller

    Don’t tell the boss!

  10. Liam Cafferky

    The screams….they fuel me

  11. Colby Garcia

    That moment when your mom asks what you are listening to…..

  12. Olivia Reel

    Being played by the remote pointed at your back on the desk.

  13. Chuck

    When your mama walks in and your listening to rap,

  14. dravendork

    what you do when you are embarrased because your song came on and you tried to dance at the mall

  15. nautica jones

    when your song comes on and you try not to dance in public

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