Biltmore Page on Sustainability

  • solar panel installation
  • cork-recycling program
  • Sustainable agricultural and forestry operations to prevent silt and runoff into waterways
  • Field to Table Program
  • hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef and lamb, eggs from free-range hens, and fine wines
  • biodiesel
  • compost food waste
  • sustainability – social, environmental, and economic

Farm to Table

A high school sustainable hospitality class is preparing students for careers. The slideshow explains what nutritious foods to eat and why to eat them.

Conscious Kitchen

A California school creates an organic garden, providing fresh and nutritious produce for school lunches. The slideshow shares which foods are most damaging to the environment.

Sustainable Forestry

Maggie Rulli checks out what a job in sustainable forestry is all about. The slideshow explains the methods used in sustainable forestry.

Next Big Thing: Food Waste Bin

This food waste bin turns your leftovers into plant food in just 24 hours. The slideshow highlights the problem of food waste.

Food Waste

Food waste is a major problem, but there are many ways to it. The slideshow highlights ways that families can prevent food waste in their homes.

Next Big Thing: Plantable Cups, Jr.

The plantable coffee cup is an attempt to reduce waste, but an idea that will have much larger impact is the zero waste movement. Cities across the country are striving to stop sending any waste to landfills.

Student’s Bright Idea Saves University Money

A university student saved his campus thousands of dollars simply by replacing existing fluorescent lights with newer, cheaper and more efficient LED lights. Learn how to shop for LED light bulbs, the new standard in lighting.

Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit Heads to Trial

Young people are suing the government for violating the public trust, which is the idea that some resources should be protected by the government for the use or enjoyment of all, not owned by an individual or a company.

Project Tsehigh: Solar Power, Jr.


Sustainability Lesson Plan for Earth Month


Fast Fashion, Part 3: Sustainability, Jr.


Fair Trade, Jr.

Minimum Wage Workers Strike, Jr.


Study Finds Link between Red Meat and Climate Change