Channel One News: February 5, 2016

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Headlines: February 5, 2016

Azia: Thanks to everyone at Primoris Academy for getting us started today. We love getting those videos from you guys. I am Azia Celestino with a look at headlines, and first up, the Zika virus continues to spread. The governor of Florida declared a state of emergency, and this comes just days after world health officials called it a global health emergency.

Florida’s top officials are preparing for a battle against the Zika virus. Governor Rick Scott has declared a health emergency for five counties after the health department confirmed travelers brought 12 cases of Zika into Florida.

Governor Rick Scott: We have 20.3 million people living in our state. We’re a state that has the mosquitoes that are, you know, similar to the mosquitoes that can carry this, so it’s better to get ahead of this.

Azia: Mosquitoes are rapidly spreading Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean. The virus is linked to a serious birth defect that has caused several thousand babies to be born with small heads. Florida’s governor is asking for help from the federal government for test kits and to help inform the public.

While you might think learning is all about what is inside the classroom, a new study finds that having a room with a view can actually help you learn.

The fascinating study found that students with a view of trees or green pastures have an upper hand when trying to pay attention in class, cut down on stress and score higher on tests. Looking out on a parking lot or being in a windowless room — well, the study says that really doesn’t do much for your thinking cap.

The findings were reported in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning after researchers followed high school students in Illinois. And they say, if you have a window in your class, be sure to look out from time to time because seeing the glory of nature will help restore any mental anxiety, like taking a test.

OneVote in One Minute

Azia: All right, next up: It was a big week on the campaign trail for the 2016 election. So of course we have got it covered with our One Vote in One Minute.

Keith: It’s bye bye bye to the Hawkeye;
Iowa caucus is over.
Now it’s time to fly.

Hillary barely
picked up the win.
Cruz beat out Trump —
peeps turned up for him.

Donald says Cruz
cheated Iowa,
but Cruz says Trump’s just
crying, “Wah wah wah.”

Rubio’s in the game,
and experts say
he still could blow up
by Election Day.

But some eles
just couldn’t keep up the pace.
Three more Republicans —
they all left the race.

There’s three in the lead for the GOP:
Trump, Cruz, Rubio —
who will the winner be?

For the Dems it’s the Bern
and the Hillary,
but in the polls,
Bernie’s grabbing up the lead.

Bernie says what we need
is revolution.
Hillary says
that’s not the solution.

Now it’s on to New Hampshire
where the party’s at.
It’s next up to vote —
are you down with that?

Small Business Wins Super Bowl Commercial

Azia: This Sunday all eyes are on the big game as Super Bowl 50 takes over Santa Clara, California. And even though we don’t know which team will score the trophy, one entrepreneur is already taking home a prize. Keith Kocinski explains.

Keith: Success has been brewing at Death Wish Coffee.

Michael Brown: We started in 2012. Every year, year after year since then, we’ve doubled in size and revenue.

Keith: With a team he can trust and a knack for promotion, Death Wish became a quick hit in the online marketplace and is now a bestseller on Amazon.

Brown: I started with just selling a bag — about a bag of coffee a week. And now we’re selling upwards of 1,000 pounds a day.

Keith: And that was all before this. Death Wish Coffee won a contest for small businesses to air a commercial during one of the most watched events on TV, the Super Bowl. The contest was sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks.

Brown: It’s going to fast-forward us about 10 years down the road in about 30 seconds.

Keith: That 30 seconds would normally cost a company as much as $4.8 million. That is $160,000 a second. It is exposure that Michael couldn’t get any other way. Michael is getting ready.

Brown: Attempting to get about a quarter of a million pounds in our distribution centers ready to ship for the day of the big game.

Keith: While Michael ramped up production to 20 hours a day and enlisted more roasters in the region, a team from Intuit QuickBooks and RPA Advertising set out to produce the 30-second Super Bowl ad.

Spokesperson: Death Wish Coffee is really a revolutionary brand, and the ad brings to life the spirit of that brand.

Keith: The ad is ready and will soon be seen by more than 100 million people during the Super Bowl, and for the team at Death Wish, a good amount of coffee drinkers are likely among them.

Keith Kocinski, Channel One News.

Next Big Thing: Coloring Books

Azia: This week it is time to bring a little more color into your life. But before we scribble into this week’s next big thing, let’s see what you thought about last week’s idea.

We told you about the new trend keeping you on your toes, standing school desks. So is it the next big thing? Forty-eight percent said, “Yes — get on your feet!” Fifty-two percent said, “No — take a seat!”

Schools like GP Junior High and Harrison County Middle School are literally standing up for the trend.

Class: We are standing up for our education.

Class: As a class we have been standing at our desks during class time. We believe standing desks are the next big thing based on our energy levels.

Azia: But Ms. Baldwin’s classroom was divided on this one.

Class: We think that the standing desk is a good idea because movement improves grades by 15 percent, burns calories by 25 percent and keeps your brain moving.

We think it’s a terrible idea. We think it’s a bad idea because it is too tiring, and it shows no benefit to the student.

Class: We are Ms. Abraham’s class from Waka Hills Middle School, and we do not think the standing desks are the next big thing.

Azia: Thanks, guys. We look forward to getting your responses every week.

Now, it is the latest trend that lets you color inside the lines. Refreshed, invigorated, inspired. That is what the cover of this coloring book promises. And it is not just for kids anymore; people of all ages can’t seem to put down their crayons.

In fact, coloring books have quietly become international sensations. Last summer the books won several top spots on Amazon’s bestselling list. Some of the original and most popular are drawn by designer Johanna Basford.

Johanna Basford: I just felt that there was an opportunity for people to be creative and do something with their hands that was analog. You know, a blank sheet of paper can be quite intimidating, but with a coloring book, the outlines will be there, and I wondered if people would, you know, like, latch onto that as a chance to sort of flex the creative muscle.

Azia: And get this — it could be good for you, too, by boosting health benefits.

Expert: Coloring is a wonderful, creative activity that does wonderful, positive things for the brain, like reducing stress, promoting problem-solving abilities, improving fine motor functioning, improving focus.

Luanne Lindemann: My life, I’m constantly on the go. It’s nice to just sit down and just relax and color.