Channel One News has gathered some of its best content about the Middle East from recent years to create a two-week-long short course. These videos and lesson plans introduce students to various cultures, geography, history and geopolitical issues of the Middle East. The collected lesson plans help connect the history, people and modern-day issues of the area to young people’s lives today. Recommended for grades 6–12.

Inside Iran, Part 1: U.S.-Iran Relations

original air date: 10.19.15

In this first installment of our seven-part series on Iran—where America is known as “the Great Satan”—we talk with several Iranians to learn how people in Iran feel about Americans. We discover that many Iranians think of Americans as cool and interesting. We also explore how strict Islamic law shapes the country. Our slideshow explains how tensions originally rose between the United States and Iran.

Inside Iran, Part 2: From Monarchy to Theocracy

original air date: 10.20.15

In this second installment of our seven-part series on Iran, we explore how the revolution of 1979 changed Iran from a secular country ruled by the Shah into a religious state led by Ayatollah Khomeini. We also explore how U.S. protection of the Shah increased tensions between the United States and Iran. Our Write prompt asks students to compare and contrast the governments of the United States and Iran.

Inside Iran, Part 3: The Impact of Sanctions

original air date: 10.21.15

In this third installment of our seven-part series on Iran, we delve into how sanctions on Iran from world powers have long affected Iran’s economy. We then explain a deal that eased sanctions, provided Iran followed certain rules about how it runs its nuclear program. Our slideshow reviews the history of sanctions against Iran.

Inside Iran, Part 4: Jewish Life

original air date: 10.28.15

In this fourth installment of our seven-part series on Iran, we explore the paradox of religious tolerance experienced by Jews living in Iran, a Muslim-ruled country where leaders often condemn Israel. Our slideshow explores the policy of tolerance held by Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire.

Inside Iran, Part 5: Women and Islam

original air date: 11.3.15

In this fifth installment of our seven-part series on Iran, we meet with several female Iranians to discuss what life is like for women in the Muslim-controlled country, where women are legally not equal to men. Our slideshow reviews key moments in the history of feminism around the world.

Inside Iran, Part 6: Youth Culture

original air date: 11.10.15

In this sixth installment of our seven-part series on Iran, we spend time with several young Iranians to learn about Iran’s youth culture and how young people in Iran may shape the country’s future. Our Write prompt asks students to compare and contrast Iranian and U.S. teenagers.

Inside Iran, Part 7: Culture and Tourism

original air date: 11.12.15

In this seventh installment of our seven-part series on Iran, we look at the food, culture and tourism industry in Iran. Our slideshow presents some of the top historical attractions in Iran, including the ruins of Persepolis and Iran’s Royal Tombs.

Syrian Refugees

original air date: 02.10.15

The Syrian civil war began in 2011, and since then millions of Syrians have fled the country. Channel One News interviews one young Syrian about the hardships she has faced as a refugee and her hopes for her future. Our slideshow discusses why the United Nations began providing protections for refugees and which countries take in the most refugees.

The Holy Land, Part 1

original air date: 09.08.14

Why does so much conflict take place in and around the Holy Land? All three major religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam — trace their roots to this tiny stretch of land in the Middle East. Today, the area is divided into Israel and Palestine. We look at the tensions and warring that has taken place between the Israelis and the Palestinians ever since modern-day Israel was first established, in 1948. Our slideshow delves deeper into the history of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Holy Land, Part 2

original air date: 09.09.14

In Part 2 of our series on the Holy Land, we meet with Palestinian and Israeli youth to get their perspectives on the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. Our Write prompt ask students write a journey entry from the point of view of one of the youth featured in the video.

Armenian Genocide

April 24, 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, when the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire passed laws to wipe out the Armenian people. Learn more about the facts and international opinion about this episode in history.