Many federal funding sources are available for subscribing to Channel One News. Channel One can be funded through various formula grants, which are distributed based on populations, as well as competitive grants, which are awarded to states and distributed to districts based on the quality of the application.

Channel One can be funded with formula grants including:

  • Title I A, College- and Career-Ready Students helps fund instructional support for reading, writing, and speaking and listening standards, as well as content emphasis on paths to higher education and careers
  • IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) provides funds for Special Education, which may include blended learning technologies designed to meet the needs of a variety of learning needs
  • Title III, English Language Learner helps provide resources for English learners, including visual instructional supports, such as videos with closed captioning and printable transcripts
  • Title IV B, Rural and Low-Income Schools Program helps provide resources for the target population, including distance learning programs


Channel One can also be included in competitive grant projects including:

  • Title II B, Mathematics and Science Partnerships, thanks to robust STEM-focused videos and instructional materials that deepen learning
  • Title IVB, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, through rigorous curriculum delivered in an interactive learning environment
  • Title IV B, Small, Rural School Achievement Program


You can access our free searchable grants database on the HMH customer site here.

Or contact us for assistance with an application.