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Channel One News is an award-winning daily news program that encourages young people to become informed, global citizens. The newscast and curriculum can be used in whole class activities, small group projects, flipped classrooms and other blended learning environments.

About Channel One News Premium

Since 1990, millions of students have watched Channel One, learning how news events affect their daily lives. The daily show, vast video library and engaging activities connect Social Studies, STEM and ELA curricula to real-world events — liberating classrooms from dated traditional textbooks.

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    • Choose from two editions, Junior for grades 3–5 and the Senior edition for grades 6–12.
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    Curriculum Lesson Planning

    • Lesson Plans include provocative discussion prompts, key terms and a vocabulary ‘Word of the Day’, quizzes, slideshows, writing prompts and media literacy activities — every single day.
    • Multimedia slideshows build context for the day’s news or bring history to life.
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