Will I receive a refund?

Premium subscription customers who purchased Channel One News through their school or district, should contact

For support email/phone number, please use this:

General Customer Service Inquiries
Phone: 800.225.5425


Will I continue to have access to Channel One resources?

Channel One News will no longer be producing a daily news program.

However, current customers who purchased a premium subscription will continue to have access to the Channel One video library for the remaining length of their subscription purchase.

The library includes more than 4,000 video segments (many with standards aligned associated curriculum) and 2,000+ transcripts of prior Channel One News newscasts and is searchable by grade, subject, topic and skills and strategies, as well as by keyword. The associated curriculum materials include a transcript the segment, discussion prompts, assessment questions, vocabulary exercises and a media literacy activity.

How can I access Channel One News Video Library?

Click here for access: Channel One News Curriculum and Video Library.

If you are a premium subscriber, log in at Each school is assigned a unique user name and password. If you do not have that information, please check with your Channel One Administrator.

For support email/phone number, please use this:

General Customer Service Inquiries
Phone: 800.225.5425

If your password has been changed, you will need to make sure that all users at your school have the updated information.

How can teachers use the video library in the classroom?

Since the video library contains a wide array of topics from prior Channel One newscasts and can be searched by content area, grade and keywords, teachers find multimedia content and multimodal instructional routines that are perfect for creating customized lesson plans.

The video library is also a great resource to share with students to provide age-appropriate research.


Who do I contact if I have additional questions about my Premium subscription account?

Please check with your Channel One Administrator or call the Channel One customer service team at 844-283-0284, or email us at  



What do I do if I am having trouble logging in or I need to change my password?

What should I do if I am having issues viewing Channel One News, using the associated curriculum or accessing the video library.

If you are having any issues viewing Channel One News, using the associated curriculum or accessing the Video Library on your computer try the following:

  • Make sure you have a broadband connection to the Internet. The video player won’t work with dial-up.
  • Recommended connection speed of at least 500kbps (download). 600kbps is better.
  • Recommended computer processor: Windows users – Intel Core Duo (or equivalent) or faster. Mac users – G4 or faster.
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome or Firefox.  Downloading these browsers is free and easy. If you need help, your IT department should be able to assist. To check to make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of these browsers do the following:
    • In Windows, go to: Help > About Firefox
      • Settings > About Google Chrome
    • On OSX, go to: Firefox > About Firefox
      • Chrome > About Chrome
    • If you see there are updates available, update your browser and restart your computer.
  • Clear your browser’s cache – cache is your browser’s history of visited sites. To clear it, use the following instructions, based on your browser:



  • Internet Explorer 10 and up (Windows)
    • Click the Settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner > Safety > Delete browsing history
    • Make sure that Temporary Internet files and website files and Cookies and website data have been checked
    • Click the Delete button
  • Firefox (any operating system)
    • Click on History > Clear Recent History
    • Click the arrow button next to Details to expand box (if necessary)
    • Check only Cookies and Cache
    • Click Clear Now, then click OK
  • Safari (Mac)
    • Click on Safari > Preferences
    • Check only Clear History, then click Reset
  • Safari (Windows)
    • Click on Edit > Empty Cache
    • Click on Empty
  • Google Chrome (Windows & Mac)
    • Click on the three-bar icon to the right of the address bar
    • Click on History
    • Click on Clear browsing data button
    • Make sure that Browsing historycookies and other site plug-in data, and cached images and files are checked
    • Click the Clear browsing data button

When completed, exit/quit your browser window and re-open your browser.


  • Touch settings to open the settings menu
  • Scroll down and select web browser, the settings menu for browser will slide open
  • Next to Block Pop-ups, slide the button to the left to turn off the pop-up blocker
  • To clear the browser: At the bottom of the settings screen, touch Clear Cookies and Data
  • You will be prompted for confirmation, touch Yes



  • To clear the browser: Tap Apps on the Home screen
  • Tap Browser on the Apps screen
  • Tap the menu button
  • Select Settings from the menu
  • Tap Privacy & Security
  • Tap Clear Cache, then tap Yes
  • Tap Clear all cookie data, then tap Yes

Try to load Channel One News again.

Additional issues to consider:

  • We recommend you shut down any excess applications, like Outlook or Word, before viewing video.
  • Some school districts create filters on their firewalls to prevent users on the network from accessing streaming media. This can be a content consideration or an effort to curb use of bandwidth. Contact your district or IT Administrator to see if there is such a block in place.
  • If you’re on an older computer, you may notice more buffering delays.
  • If your school is on a large shared network, you may experience issues related to bandwidth congestion during heavy internet-traffic hours.


Who should I contact if I continue to have issues viewing Channel One News videos?

If you are using appropriate bandwidth and a fast enough processor, please contact your IT Administrator to make sure there isn’t an issue with your school’s network. If you are still unable to view videos, please give us a call – we’re happy to help!

For support email/phone number, please use this:

General Customer Service Inquiries
Phone: 800.225.5425