Inside Iran

The seven-part series “Inside Iran” received the Telly Silver Award for its unique look inside the mysterious country of Iran, showing it through the eyes of its young people who account for almost two-thirds of the population. Journalists Tom Hanson and Maggie Rulli examine this generation’s relationship with history, religion, women’s rights, culture, tourism and the United States.


Next Big Thing: Self-Filling Water Bottle

Each week, the “Next Big Thing” segment explores our culture’s newest inventions and fads. From cat cafés to this potentially life-changing self-filling water bottle, Channel One discusses the latest trends and gives the student audience a voice by engaging them through an online poll.


School Lunch Makeover

In the “School Lunch Makeover” series, a Channel One reporter goes undercover in the cafeteria to see what students are really eating, and discovers how food setup in a lunchroom can encourage healthier eating habits.


Generation Money: Wallet Wars

“Generation Money” segments strive to introduce teenagers to the importance of money management. In the “Wallet Wars Challenge,” teens take on their families’ finances to see if they can budget better than their parents.


Behind the Scenes: The War on Drugs

Channel One visits the frontline in the war on drugs in this video series. Tom Hanson and Demetrius Pipkin discuss what it was like following the DEA and vigilante groups during their investigation inside Mexico, and how it felt to witness often shocking and upsetting scenes.


Geo Quiz: Honduras

For National Geography Awareness Week, Channel One engages its student audience by putting together a daily “Geo Quiz.” In this segment, Maggie Rulli snorkels at the second largest coral reef in the world.


What Next: ESPN Data Statistician

“What Next?” segments showcase a variety of potential career paths for students. Each piece examines different aspirations and provides advice for young people who are looking towards their future. In this video, Keith Kocinski shadows an ESPN data statistician; a job that perfectly pairs the love of sports and math.


The Ivory Trade

“The Ivory Trade” is one of a three-part series on the billion dollar business of illegal ivory, and the toll it’s taking on elephants. This video follows Tom Hanson from an underground market in Rwanda to a forensics lab in Oregon to take a better look at how investigators in the U.S. are helping to find ivory poachers and smugglers.


Climate Change

Our expansive series on climate change investigates the causes, impact and possible solutions to the crisis. Keith Kocinski travels to Greenland with a group of students and climate experts to research why the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, and how its melting affects the entire planet.