What resources for educators does Channel One News offer? Lots.

In addition to providing a Monday-Friday daily news show centering around educational, high-quality video, we offer a number of supplementary resources for teachers to help promote current event and media literacy in your classroom. All of our video content and related teaching resources are aligned to the state standards. Whether you’re looking for relevant videos that put real-world events in context, or embarking on the flipped classroom movement, Channel One News is all about authentic learning.

Our free newsletter provides an  outline of the topics featured in our news programming, along with daily discussion prompts, assessment questions, appropriate vocabulary words and a complete transcript of the show. Sign up here to receive our daily teacher newsletter.

In addition to these newsletter resources – Channel One News now offers a complete package of supplemental material that includes a three-part instructional routine based on one feature story. This includes an interactive slideshow or timeline feature, writing exercises and formative assessment. In addition, the product now offers access to our Video Library of more than 3,000 video segments along with their associated curriculum material. Find out more about the subscription product here.

How do I use these teaching resources in my class?

In addition to our daily video, our teaching resources are aimed to help expand and deepen the daily learning experience. Our newsletter provides relevant materials for students in grades 6-12.

After watching the day’s news show, use our discussion prompts to support student recall, connections and analysis.

Touch upon the vocabulary words used in each show. These words are selected to be grade level appropriate and offer high-utility and multidisciplinary value. Be sure to use the words as a part of a vocabulary routine that incorporates it in context of the news.

Both our daily quiz questions and weekly wrap up questions are designed to assess the learning.

We invite you to share transcript copies with your class. ESL instructors, in particular, report that our transcripts are helpful resources for teachers and offer meaningful scaffolding for their students.

Finally, our standards-aligned, interactive learning activities integrate English Language Arts with core, subject area nonfiction content such as science, geography and college and career readiness. These student-centered activities come with teachers’ notes and standards correlations for easy classroom implementation.

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