10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Test Score

By Tonka Dobreva 01.27.2016 interact

Do you get anxious before taking a test? We are here to help!

Take our quiz below to learn easy tips that can hep you ace your next test!



  1. danielle

    wow I got a 10/10

  2. Cami

    I got 8/10 right because I took this quiz kinda of like a personal opinion

  3. danielle

    I got a 10 out of 10 100%

  4. chasidy goldsmith

    i would say study and dont cheat cause who u might be cheating off of might be wrong to get them textbooks out

  5. Sara Adkins

    I got an 8/10. Teacher tells us to all of that.

  6. Srija Bhowmik

    Wow! I only got 6/10 but that’s cause I didn’t know what were true and false.


    I think that the standing besk is the next big thing becuse kid can move around more in class.

    • Jeff

      It helps me when I am stressed out but the teacher tell me not to.

      • Eric

        I Got 9/10

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