How America Saved the Bald Eagle

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When looking at all of the animals currently residing on the endangered species list, it can sometimes feel like conservation groups are fighting a losing battle against factors like climate change, pesticides and human impact. However, the conservation success story of the bald eagle has proved that sometimes a species can be given a new chance at life.

History of the Bald Eagle

Fun fact: Bald eagles were given their name not because they’re actually bald, but because “bald” meant “white” or “white-headed.” Learn more about the history of the bald eagle in the timeline below:

How They Were Saved

Once the government realized that the bald eagles were in danger, several measures were put in place.

  1. The insectide DDT was banned when research found that it was causing the eagles to lay thin eggs that cracked before they could hatch.
  2. Water quality in many areas was improved.
  3. Nest sites were protected from further human interference.

Many organizations and groups outside of the government also worked hard on bringing back the eagles and continue to support the species today.

How You Can Help

Even though the bald eagle is no longer in danger of becoming extinct, it’s still important to keep the areas where they live safe and to spread the word, so that everyone feels responsible for protecting the species.

  1. The Defenders of Wildlife website has information on how you can adopt an eagle and spread the word on their conservation.
  2. The Fish and Wildlife Service can tell you how to avoid bothering eagles if you’re ever in their territory.
  3. Last, you can watch (and donate to) the bald eagle live cam that the American Eagle Foundation has set up. The two eagles, Romeo and Juliet, just had eggs!


  1. Peanut0124

    I had no idea that bald eagles were endangered once! This really makes me want to help other endangered species.

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    I think people should more often help animals instead of being cruel to them.

    • Peanut0124

      I agree. Animals need saving more than they need cruelty( they never needed cruelty in the first place but…).

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    that is cool

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    WOW!!!! That is so cool one day I hope there are many Eagles in the world .

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