5 Creative Ways to Ace a Job Resume

By Abbey Tiderman 01.08.2017 interact


You want to land that dream job? Chances are, so do dozens or even hundreds of your peers. But adding a unique twist to your resume could very well help get you noticed in a crowded field of candidates. Here are a few ideas.

Sweet Treats

We’re not talking bribery here—although a little chocolate has the potential to go a long way with a sweet-toothed hiring manager. But for once it’s not exactly what’s inside that counts—it’s all in the packaging. Brainstorm ways you can be clever with various designs. Perhaps it’s a you-branded box with strategically placed key words, or your experience and awards listed out as ingredients on chic paper wrapping. Just be sure to include all the important information such as your contact details and why it’s you they should hire.


Styled Photograph

Have an artistic eye? Understand how to build an impactful composite image? Set the scene for your potential employer with a single photograph. Think about what will help tell the story of who you are. What could you incorporate into an image that would highlight your experience and strengths? Perhaps you show what’s in your backpack or on your desk. Maybe you lay everything out on a bed next to a suitcase like you’re packing for an adventure. Because, well…you sort of are!

Video Introduction

Comfortable in front of a camera? Producing a creative video could be key to getting your foot in the door. First, think about the ways you can showcase your personality and talents. Do you sing or dance? Are you a skilled athlete, or great with editing and animation? Then write a script that best summarizes your experience and skills, and communicates why you are the best person for the job. Keep it short, sweet and professional. And if possible, send your video as a link—not a bulky file attachment.


Are you a “visual person?” If you’ve got graphic design skills and can pull off organizing your experience in an innovative way, go for it. Seek out examples of flow chart resumes and see how your background would be best presented. You could even create a yes/no flow chart that leads a reader down various paths, revealing your character and skills along the way.



Themed Resume

A one size fits all approach to job-seeking is a major no-no. And while any resume—no matter the format—should be tailored to the specific job that you’re applying to, this may be particularly important when crafting a themed resume. By themed we mean taking something recognizable—an Amazon.com product listing, a Google Analytics report or a Photoshop document—and using it as a template to communicate your personality and strengths in an inventive way.




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