5 Easy Tips for Sustainable Living

By Tonka Dobreva 04.21.2015 interact

The idea of sustainable living is about making changes to your lifestyle that help make our Earth a little better. Reducing paper waste, energy consumption and the amount of trash you create are great ways to help, but it can be tough to know where to get started.

Check out the ways that the Channel One team is going green, then keep reading for five easy ways to jumpstart your sustainable lifestyle right away!

Switch to a Refillable Water Bottle

glassbottleReducing your use of bottled water is one of the quickest ways to improve your environmental footprint. Disposable bottles are recyclable, but 90 percent of them still end up in landfills. That plastic also pollutes rivers, lakes and oceans and is very harmful to marine life. By switching to a glass or stainless steel bottle you can save the world — and money!

Buy Unpackaged Fruits and Vegetables

In some supermarkets, you can buy things like apples, celery and carrots already packaged in a bag. While these can be convenient, the plastic from these products is bad for the environment. Instead, buy the produce without any of that pesky plastic. This way you get to choose exactly which fruits you want!

Eat Less Meat

cowsGetting meat from a farm to your table requires a lot of energy, water and resources. From processing to transporting it to the supermarket, meat puts a big strain on the environment. Going meatless, even for one day a week, can have the same impact on the environment as not driving your family’s car for three months.

Unplug Your Electronics

Even when your television is off, there’s still electricity running through the wires to make sure that it turns on as quickly as possible. Energy Star estimates that Americans waste $10 billion in energy every year thanks to this “phantom power.” Reduce the digital drain in your house by unplugging larger electronics when they’re not in use.

Opt for Reusable Shopping Bags

Several cities and states have begun to charge customers when they use plastic bags, and some are banning plastic bags altogether. Avoid an extra fee and reduce your shoppingbagplastic usage by switching to reusable cloth bags. They’re very sturdy and usually easier to carry than plastic bags. If you absolutely have to use plastic, check to see if a store near you has a plastic bag recycling program.


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    I believe this.If we do not catch on soon, we will run dry on products.We need to play it smart, even against our habits of eating out or always eating meat.

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    And the really big one:

    Don’t buy anything you don’t truly need.

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