5 Inspiring Young Women Entrepreneurs

By Tonka Dobreva 03.08.2017 interact

According to American Express’ 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, there are 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States. The report also found that these businesses employ nearly 9 million people and generate revenue over $1.6 trillion. Not too shabby, eh? Especially considering that this is five times faster than the national average. Let’s meet some of these trailblazing female entrepreneurs, shall we?

VivieHarr (1)Vivienne Harr

“You don’t need be big or powerful to change the world. You just need to STAND for what you believe in,” 11-year-old entrepreneur, Vivienne Harr says on her website. At age 8 she drew national attention by setting up and running a lemonade everyday for a year, with the goal of freeing 500 child slaves. She ultimately raised over one thousand dollars in crowd funding for Not For Sale, a nonprofit working to end modern slavery, and has since written a children’s book, become the youngest to give a TEDx talk and founded STAND, “mobile-first social network for people who change the world.”  



Photo source: Catchafire.com

Rachael Chong

Rachael Chong is the founder and CEO of Catchafire. As described on their website, Catchafire is a “for-purpose social mission business” that matches professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, causes of interest and time availability. Rachael was a successful investment banker who loved to volunteer for causes that made a difference in the world. As she searched for ways to get involved in her spare time, she was challenged by the lack of opportunities that allowed her to use her professional skills and experience. She then left the corporate world to join a non-proft, which helped shape her vision for starting her own venture. Catchafire now makes it easy for professionals to volunteer their skills without having to quit their well-paying jobs, and at the same time helps non-profits benefit from the goodwill of professionals.


Hydroswarm headshot-SampritiSampriti Bhattacharyya

Robotocist Sampriti Bhattacharyya is a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in business at the MIT’s Sloan School. She’s founder of Hydroswarm, an attention-grabbing start-up that designs and markets artificial intelligence enabled underwater drones. Bhattacharyya also co-founded Lab-X Foundation to “provide hands on engineering training to those with limited resources and bring world class education in developing countries.”



Photo Credit: Kegan Schouwenburg’s Twitter page

Kegan Schouwenburg

With a Bachelors of Industrial Design and Manufacturing from the Pratt Institute, Kegan Schouwebburg founded Sols, a company that uses “the science of comfort” to design shoe inserts. The inserts were designed by a team of biomechanical engineers using digital imprint technology, which identifies the contours of each individual’s feet, thus delivering the utmost comfort and function. Schouwenburg’s particularly interested in producing products using modern, data-driven 3D printing methods.



Kit_largeKit Hickey

 Every entrepreneur has a slightly different focus, but most are striving to make lives easier or better in some way. That’s why Kit Hickey co-founded Ministry of Supply, an innovative menswear line. According to the company’s website, they “strive to solve the problems that have been inherent to everyday clothing for far too long, like poor fit and sweat stains that can ruin your day. To ensure that we’re alleviating the pain points you’ve been facing in your garments, we base all our designs on real people and experiences.” With her MBA in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the MIT Sloan School of Management, this venture is not likely to be the last we see from Hickey.



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