5 Ways Multitasking
Affects Your Brain

By Tonka Dobreva 10.23.2014 interact

Thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops, multitasking has become second nature to many of us. We use a lot of brain power to work, listen to music and surf the web all at the same time. Scientific studies now show that multitasking has real short-term and long-term effects on the brain — read on and find out what they are:

Teenage girl texting on cell phone while driving

1. You Can Become Easily Distracted

If you like talking on the phone while browsing Twitter, catching up on your favorite shows and doing homework, you might be messing with your brain. A study by Stanford University shows that people who heavily multitask are constantly distracted and find it hard to focus when told to do something. This argument has come up a lot in the debate about the use of cell phones– and even hands-free devices– while driving (one activity during which multitasking is a bad idea!).

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2. You Might Get Superpowers!

Not really. But if you multitask in moderation and under the proper circumstances, you may become better at processing multiple senses. Scientists found that multitaskers are better at processing sound and sight simultaneously, which could mean faster reactions and better performance.

Math Problems

3. You Can Get More Work Done

While there are several studies that say multitasking can hurt your work or school performance, it’s also been found that doing it in smaller bursts can be effective. Working on two or three smaller assignments at a time can actually help you train your brain to get work done quicker.

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4. Your Memory Might Get…Uhh…

Wait, what were we saying? Oh yeah. Many psychologists believe that too much media multitasking can increase your stress hormones and reduce your short-term memory.


5. Your Brain Is Getting a Workout

When we talk about exercising to keep our bodies healthy, we often overlook our brains. There’s a benefit to flexing those mental muscles, so that you stay smart and sharp as you age. Working on different tasks and projects can get your brain moving and help you stay at the top of your mental game.



  1. Jeremy Skinner

    Multitasking is good in multiple situations such as when you are doing chores or working. But other times can be distracting.

  2. benjamin

    multiytasking is stupid

  3. Jalen-Spain

    I believe multitasking makes you forget important things that you have to do. For example I forget to do my homework sometimes because I am watching my favorite TV show.

  4. Hailey Hodges

    I think multitasking is only necessary when your running low on time or in a rush. Multitasking makes you forget substantial things on important things.

  5. Conover

    We like watching yours show all the time and can you tell good things please.

    • Cool dude

      true that

  6. Chris

    Multitasking while doing math is not a good idea. The best music to listen to while doing homework is classical music (without words), especially Mozart.

  7. Alykat

    I can multitask a lot with kids homework and many other things yeah sometimes I get stressed but I still do it which is really. Hard so if are going to multitask do it very little

  8. Gracie

    I’ve been multitasking all my life and I’m starting to forget the important things and remember some of the not-so-important things. My parents think I choose to not listen, but I feel I just can’t. Listening is becoming very hard. Can you get rid of this problem?


    I say multitasking and doing homework is a great thing if you are doing it right if you don’t get your work done then there is a problem but with around the age of 13-17 it is a widely common thing to do because it just comes natural for us to do. I use my Phone to text and my computer for school work while listening to music and I bet my teacher Mrs. Humme can agree that multitasking is a great thing.

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