7 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

By Abbey Tiderman 02.06.2018 interact

During Random Acts of Kindness Week, you have the power to turn someone’s frown upside down! Never heard of it? It’s an annual opportunity to unite with others around, well, kindness.

It all started with The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, a nonprofit launched in 1995 and dedicated to spreading kindness throughout homes, schools and communities across the globe. The organization holds fun events throughout the year and so far over 8,000 people worldwide have joined the movement—coming together around the idea that sweet gestures can alter the way people see and interact with the world.

Just think, when you’re feeling a bit down, doesn’t it feel nice when someone takes the time to do something as simple as smile and say hello? So how about it? Ready to become a RAKtivist? (Random Acts of Kindness activist!) Here are seven easy ways you can spread the love today.

  1. Bring in bagels. Whether it’s homeroom or an early morning class—bring in something for everyone to nibble on to help start the day off on a positive (and tasty!) note.
  1. Say ‘Thank you!’ Maybe it’s your parents, a teacher, bus driver or a friend—if you feel a sense of gratitude for the role someone’s playing in your life to any degree, express it! It may mean much more than you know.
  1. Offer to help a fellow student with work. See someone struggling with the latest Algebra equation? Reach out and assist!
  1. Ask how someone’s day is going. Could be the janitor, lunch lady or your principal. Whoever it is, they’ll appreciate you taking the time to ask how they’re doing.
  1. Organize a food drive. We frequently see canned good collections and the like happening during the holidays but people—including kids!—are in great need all year long.
  1. Pick it up. That is, something that has dropped. In the hall at school or the subway, people will be grateful you helped return their item to them.
  1. Encourage the other team. Maybe you’ve just won the big game or competition and you’re feeling ecstatic. But you know what being on the other end feels like, remember? Head over to an opponent and compliment them on their performance. They may be down in the dumps at the moment, but you’ll lift their spirits—if even for a second—and they’ll be remembering your sportsmanship for a long time to come.

Share in the comments section below if you’ve tried doing these or any other random acts of kindness and how they turned out. Or give a shout-out to someone who did something kind for you that made your day.


  1. gracie

    You never know how an act of kindness can affect a person. Always choose kindness!

  2. Sophie Buffington

    I have this friend, who keeps having the same exact scary dream. And every morning that she comes in looking tired, I don’t even have to ask why. Because it is always about that dream. So I just sit there and comfort her as good as I can. And eventually, she looks and feels better a lot better then she did when she comes in. And truthfully, I’m scared for her. I don’t want her to continue feeling this pain.

  3. Elizabeth Barton

    Every body needs help in some of their situations help the homeless help the hungry and help the poor help the rich and wealthy and help the struggling help and be kind to everybody you know

  4. Mikey

    My friend kylea her best friend just went through cancer so when she got back kylea shaved her head bald to help her friend be brave .
    Lewis county

  5. Unknown

    act of kindness is for every body you can help out by helping other people up when they trip or when they are stuck on a quiz.

  6. Grace

    I like this idea.

  7. Samantha

    Im gonna try to be has kind has i can this week.

    • caylee

      this is amazing I might try it

  8. Miriam Dashiell

    It is easy to help out. At my school I help out every day by cleaning lunch tables and it is really fun to help out. I also help out at home and I have 5 younger siblings.

  9. sam

    i think what chauncy black and matt white are doing to help each other is a good and thoughtful thing to do

  10. Zayn Hall

    these are all good things. 🙂

  11. caitlyn

    what is the nicest thing you have ever done?

  12. Dylan

    Keep it up! It’s good to be nice!

  13. diego

    i like this and it crazy because some of this happen to me

  14. Eliza

    Another easy act of kindness is for homeless people last year I helped out homeless people by passing out meals and money to home and it was fun and easy and I think people can help in the simplest ways.

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