A Day in the Life Of: Arielle Hixson

By Tonka Dobreva 06.01.2015 interact

As the newest member of Channel One’s news team, Arielle Hixson has been working hard to bring the news to your classrooms every day. Like the rest of the team, she puts in long hours on her stories — interviewing people, editing and going on shoots. Flip through the slideshow below to see what life is like as a newbie Channel One reporter!

Good Morning everyone! Arielle here 🙂 I love starting my day with a relaxing morning #yogasession and some meditation What's your favorite way to start your day?

Quick #coffeebreak with the girls in the office, gotta keep that energy flowing!

Time to edit some of my stories! Lots of concentration and precision comes with editing, but also a lot of creativity

Off to a #latelunch on this sunny day in the city...I wonder what I should get...any suggestions?

Today I'm #workingstories, making several phone calls to book and stay updated on some of my future shoots! I'm a talker, so I find this pretty fun

I love #broadwayplays...so I'm catching #TheKingAndI with my parents!!! And with that I call it a night


  1. Symone

    Thank you guys

    • DeLanee Scruggs


  2. Alonza

    wow you channel is amazing we watch at our school in social studies and everyone loves it and we voted it beats CNN and the next big thing is bike wheel art!!!!!!!!!!

  3. noah

    hi guys

  4. Grace

    You guys are the greatest and so are your stories every day in class at the end of school we watch channel one news and you guys are awesome

  5. Edward Trice

    Arielle..is the greatest

  6. Hoonie

    miss you guys already

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