A Day in the Life Of: Demetrius Pipkin

By Tonka Dobreva 06.03.2015 interact

As a Channel One producer and reporter, Demetrius Pipkin has been the one behind the camera on a lot of this season’s biggest stories. From helping Maggie report on the renewed U.S.-Cuba relations to chasing tornadoes with Keith, he’s done it all. On his first day back from a trip to Mexico City with Tom, Demetrius showed us in the slideshow below what it’s like to return to the newsroom after a long trip.

Hey, guys! Pipkin here. First day back from Mexico and waiting for the taxi to take me into the office with all my gear.

I always pay attention in the morning meeting... #newsroomshenanigans

Name that video game on my desktop!

Like my friend @keithkocinski, I'm a big fan of Chipotle!

Saying goodbye is never easy... We love you, Scott!

Work day done. Heading home on the subway.

Dinner is served (....well, delivered!). Thanks for following a day in my life -- that's a wrap!

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