A Day in the Life Of: Keith Kocinski

By Tonka Dobreva 06.03.2015 interact

As Channel One’s extreme weather expert, Keith Kocinski has worked on lots of stories about the ways weather affects people all over the world. Fresh from a trip spent chasing huge storms in the Midwest, Keith took some time out to show us what he gets up to everyday in the Channel One newsroom. Take a look in the slideshow below.

Good morning Channel One! Gotta get my brush on then head to Channel One Headquarters!

I can't forget to grab my clothes for the gym before I head out.

Getting into the craziness of the city!

Now just kickin back and relaxing until I get to NYC.

I am getting ready to get in front of the camera but can't figure out what hairstyle to wear. Which style should I choose?

Getting a late afternoon lunch at Chipotle!

Finishing off the day pumping iron with my good friends.

Thanks everyone for spending the day with me today. I hope you had as much fun as I did. See you tomorrow!


  1. Chris

    Keith is the greatest reporter of all time. <3

  2. Maddie Hamor

    Hey Keith!! ily sm, and i wish to meet you!! PLease come to Walhalla Middle School, and come do a video because i will cry

  3. sav hank

    In mr cataldi’s class we watch you all da time. We love you keithy!!! mr c says your name is keif.. we all know you aint a drug even doe we addicted to you. kiss kiss savy.

  4. Paige Taylor

    Keith u are one of my favorite on channelone. I am glad that I started watching it. Thank u for all the good memories that I can go back and look at them. THANK U AND U ARE REALLY HOT!!!

    • Maddie Land

      Your hotttttttttttttttt

  5. Magic

    Hey! I’m one of your biggest fans! You are the best anchor on Channel One! <3

  6. Kyeisha Harrison

    Umm, you’re so fine!! I’m in love with you!! Follow me on Instagram @k.y.aa I don’t see a ring on your finger so I still have a chance!!

  7. Niko Musgrave

    Keith Kocinski is the best Anchor in channel 1 news. Keep being awesome Keith!! 😀

  8. Kennedy

    I love your show .I watch it every day school with my teacher Mrs.Conner

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