A Day in the Life Of: Maggie Rulli

By Tonka Dobreva 05.30.2015 interact

Whether she’s sharing healthy recipes or chatting about her travels, everyone loves learning more about Maggie. Right now, she’s getting ready to travel the world in search of new stories for next season, but she took time out of her busy schedule to share what it’s like to live a day in her shoes.

Check out the slideshow below for an exclusive peek into the life of awesome Channel One anchor Maggie Rulli!

Hey guys - Maggie here!! Starting my day off with a trip to the gym before work... Running while watching morning news #multitasking

News team assemble!! The whole team meets every morning to watch the show together and pitch stories for today's show

Writing a script in ENPS (that's where we keep our stories we're working on!) and jammin' out to country music with @keithkocinski! Keith always wants to sing a solo...

Busy day in the newsroom... Grabbed a quick salad while I go over lines for the show!

Getting ready to be on camera! Should I put my hair up or down? Decisions... decisions

In rehearsals for the show!

Grabbed dinner with some of the newsroom after work - not surprisingly.... @iamscottevans and @keithkocinski tied for eating the most! Annnnnnd with that - today is a wrap!!


  1. April

    So sorry to see you go, Maggie. You were the best reporter on the show. I will miss seeing your smile, but good luck whatever you do from here on out.

  2. Jake

    You were a great person in channel one are you going to get a new person

  3. Kyle Lehman

    thank you for the things that you have done for the country and i love having you at chanel one and i hope you come back. 😛

  4. Hannah Abney

    I really love when maggie is on the show she is the funniest person on the show she brightness my day and i cant wait to see her she is really funny and looks like a buess life

  5. Nick

    Maggie is my all time fav. keep up the good work

  6. lauren

    i love channel one news its my new favorite thing i look forward to in school!!

    • lauren trifiletti

      i hope maggie stays on the show and be with all of the gang that she is friends with and one thing hope to see Maggie Ruil back next school year!!!!!!!!! and one thing everyone likes to say and channel one new starts right now

  7. Maggie Ruli's #1 Fan

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Mags I Love you girl. Love me

  8. Maggie Ruli's #1 Fan


  9. love wolfs


    • yaya11

      I love Maggie Rulli. I watch her all the time on Channel 1 News all the time in my classroom.

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