A Day in the Life Of: Scott Evans

By Tonka Dobreva 05.30.2015 interact

Scott Evans is one of the coolest anchors in the newsroom. His hilarious features in our weekly caption contests and his adorable dogs make him pretty popular on the Channel One Instagram page. Though Scott is saying goodbye to the Channel One news team after four seasons on the show, he let us get a look at what his professional life’s like as he finishes up his last days here. Flip through the slideshow below to see what Scott gets up to on a typical day in the Channel One office.

Walking to work on a beautiful day #iseeyousummer #ch1reportertakeover

#coffeebreak I may or may not be watching a lip sync battle from @jimmyfallon... #thetonightshow #channelonenews #ch1reportertakeover

This thing on!? Voice-Over aka getting that track down right... #ch1reportertakeover #miccheck #one2one2 #letsdothis #yesineedaflash #forallpictures

In the barber chair! Gonna try out a new look... But ya gotta tune into the show to see how it turns out cause that's a wrap on my takeover, folks! #channelonenews #newfade #heyheyhey #ch1reportertakeover

You can see Scott’s farewell message from his last show ever in the video below. We’ll miss you!


  1. Lily Maxwell Cross

    Scott Evans, you are a champion, leader, inspiration, and most of all, a friend. You have helped students get through the day for 4 seasons, and you will never be replaced. Scott, we love you so much and we will miss you and we hope you get only the best out of your future. Yo dawg, you’s gonna always eva be mah brotha. Stay good, and one day we will see you right back here *points down* tomorrow! <3 XOXOXXX

  2. Lily Diane Wilson


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