A Day in the Life Of: Tom Hanson

By Tonka Dobreva 06.01.2015 interact

This past season, Tom Hanson traveled all over the world to bring you the most interesting stories. From Berlin to Panama, he’s always on the move to stay on top of the news. Most recently, he and Demetrius Pipkin traveled to Mexico City, and they took lots of behind-the-scenes photos along the way. Check out what it’s like be a Channel One reporter abroad in the slideshow below.

Hey guys, Tom here! Buenos días from Mexico City! Our days on assignment and out in the field can start a little early.

Morning shoot with Pipkin at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City. Standing next to Aztec ruins that are centuries old.

Stopped for a quick bite to eat at Starbucks (yep they have them everywhere!). Fueled up for the rest of our day of shooting.

Time to shoot some stand ups for the show! Amazing view of the downtown area.

Altar a la Patria. One of Mexico City's famous monuments.

Heading to our next shooting location. Traffic is insane here. (Had to grab a selfie for my friend @MaggieRulli!)

Came across this art installation on our way... had to snap a photo!

A sinking city: on-site showing the effects of building a major metropolitan area on a lake. Over the last 60 years, Mexico City has sank 32 feet into the ground, and experts are growing concerned.

The effects of sinking: because of uneven ground, this ancient aqueduct has cracked in half.

Pipkin here! Caught Tom napping in the cab haha It's been a long day and we've covered a lot of ground.

Monument of Cuitlahuac, former leader of the Aztecs. Pretty cool.

Planning our next move. We only have a few more hours until the sun goes down so we have to move fast to stay on schedule.

Here I am standing outside of FARO de Oriente-- a refuge for teens in Mexico City's roughest borough. Here many teens are affected by gang violence. But at FARO, they learn put down their guns, and instead shoot with a camera.

In this underground classroom, students learn the ins and outs of photography-- an outlet to cope with gang violence at home.

Made it home from a LONG day of shooting in one piece (and with all of our gear)! That's a wrap!


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