A Guy’s Guide to Prom

By ch1c0nta@ctus 05.10.2016 interact

Gentlemen, here’s a tip for you: play it cool on your big night. Spiff up your look, get schooled on the art of fine dining and find out how to make your date swoon. It’s our ultimate guy’s guide to formals.

Take this quiz and find out what your date expects you to know about big dances like homecoming and prom.


  1. LatiyanaColter

    I am a girl and in the 7th grade but it was still fun to do the quiz! lol

  2. Anonymous

    I am terrible for questions about prom, and I am not even at that grade level for prom. I got a 6 out of 14.

  3. Jarod S

    i will love prom and now i know what questions to ask 2 weeks before prom to my girlfriend.

  4. izzy

    i am a girl but it was very helpful now i can quiz my boy for our special night so thanks

  5. LeahIsBae

    Im a girl, but it was still very nice to learn this! I would want to make sure my date knew the proper ways and terms for our special night!

    • Ethan

      Im never going to prom

    • donthaveone

      can I go to prom with u?

      • Tina Dahlman


      • imawsome

        yes of course. im so exited!!!!!:)

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