Quiz: African-American History

By ch1c0nta@ctus 01.31.2017 interact

Test your knowledge of those accomplishments in African-American history with our quiz below, exploring iconic figures and  important anniversaries, or simply get to know the people, history and culture that has helped build the United States into what it is today.


  1. Jeana Edards

    9 of 9 questions answered correctly
    You have reached 9 of 9 points, (100%)

  2. Devin A.

    I got a 9/9 a 100% a perfect score. 🙂

    • Janijah.T

      I got a 88.89% on the quiz

  3. Sally


  4. Lexi

    this quiz helped me understand so much about BHM and I’m so glad that I learned some of them things,,,

  5. Regan Mcklevie

    3 of 9 questions answered correctly
    You have reached 3 of 9 points, (33.33%)

    • Paula Jones

      Yes I had to do one to

  6. Andru

    I did not know it was black history month

  7. Andru

    Wow i got 88.89

  8. Keyonna

    Mmmmhhhmmm, well that was very educational y’all should do questions of the day, all the time because we start getting stater. thanks for your questions.

  9. matthew strickland

    that was very educational

  10. Braeden

    It’s a good lesson but, please no more hashtags Kathy. :T

  11. Aubrey

    i guess i don’t know as much as i think.

  12. Ian Wiebenga

    I passed

  13. Shania Leak


  14. Shania Leak

    OMG! This has really gave me understanding and I am so glad Ipassed


    wow me too now i know a lot more about black people

  16. Kathy White

    Wow! This has given me such a greater understanding of our fellow man! I am litertally in tears and counting my blessings as an American citizen and as an adopted white girl into an African American family. (Once you go black, you don’t go back! # ChocolateMilk!) I wish I could be as heroic and inspirational as these people someday! Seeing people like Oprah and Obama has given such confidence and love for those around me! YaY! Obama 2016 this is the year to shine! #ChocolateMilk #Obama2016 #BlackisthenewBlack #BlackHistoryMonth #I<3Hashtags #Mrs.TomHanson

    • Kate

      I concur!!!!!!!! #Mrs.keithkosinsky Love all but keith is mine

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