Quiz: African-American Innovators

By ch1c0nta@ctus 02.21.2017 interact

African-Americans have been making important contributions to society ever since colonial times. From writing to singing to acting to politics to education to sports, African-Americans are an intricate part of the fabric of U.S. history. Learn more with our quiz below.


  1. TJ

    In one of the questions about the District of Columbia that is a college and my sister goes there

  2. Carolyn Carnegie

    Very interesting test. Granddaughters, aged 14, didn’t do to well, but got them all right on the second try. They learned something today.

  3. Drake Madej

    what about all the other people that invented

  4. Taylor Wask

    I learned something new about each question you asked

  5. Nakerra

    I really learned a lot about black history using this quiz.

  6. Quaja

    this was to test the brain and i learned a lot and i knew 9/10 questions

  7. Isabel

    That was a fun quiz and I learned a lot from it.

    • Austin

      I really learned something, some of these questions I didn’t know.

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