Quiz: American Presidents

By ch1c0nta@ctus 02.16.2017 interact

There have been 45 men to hold the highest office in our nation.

Do you know which one is on the list twice? Who had the shortest term in the White House? Or which one made the phrase: “The buck stops here” popular?


  1. Nicholas Shelton star 22

    this is the best test ever and my grade was 48 out of 48 and im in 8th grade

  2. Joshua Chapin

    This test is really amazing and since I learned so much from my teachers at Camp Ernst Middle School I only got 1 question wrong.


  3. Lexi

    Hahahahaha I got 19 out of 48!!! :l

  4. rylie

    who knows the answer to this test if you do please share

  5. Cameron

    I got 43%, :^(

  6. Yolanda

    Can my school be on the show it is Milton Hershey School.

  7. Kirby

    Honestly, I’m an idiot that I didn’t get anything right 🙁

  8. Markus King

    It was fun but who would know these answers

    • Amelia

      This was really hard I knew about a quarter of them.

  9. jackson rainbolt

    this is too long of a quiz to do

  10. ethancolp

    the test was good but hard to my students an me .

  11. jeremy

    same Jayson

  12. Haven

    there is to many questions but it was a chalange can´ wait for more news

  13. Samantha P.

    I don’t know?

  14. Jayson Isaac

    This quiz was difficult! I only knew half the questions

    • Shirly Hernandez

      This test was kind of hard but thanks to my learnings I have only got 2 questions wrong.I also thank my teacher for this!Learning about the presidents is important because it helps you learn what they do in our society to help the community and the people who live in it.

  15. Riley, Brill

    there are so much stuff i didn’t know about especially the fact that i’m in 6th grade.

    • love

      i love channel one news it teaches me what need to learn.

  16. Tia villanueva

    its okay, i stopped cause i have homework to do!!!!

  17. Keith

    This quiz had some questions that were vague. I did not like the quiz very much. My whole class had problems with the answers as well.

  18. Spencer


  19. Riley Behr

    Honestly, I’m an independence baby 7/7/04 I’m not really into the other stuff.
    But, i like to do the activities anyways but still i appreciate them a lot anyways. Can you put this on the show too? Thanks BTW happy -late- Birthday Channel One!!!!!!!!!

    • Brody

      I honestly did not know any of the questions….

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