American Presidents

Posted on: 02.16.2014 in interact > History
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There have been 44 men to hold the highest office in our nation.

Do you know which one is on the list twice? Who had the shortest term in the White House? Or which one made the phrase: “The buck stops here” popular?

Take our quiz and you will!

44 Presidents

Fun facts about the Presidents from start to present.


  1. Keith

    This quiz had some questions that were vague. I did not like the quiz very much. My whole class had problems with the answers as well.

  2. Spencer


  3. Riley Behr

    Honestly, I’m an independence baby 7/7/04 I’m not really into the other stuff.
    But, i like to do the activities anyways but still i appreciate them a lot anyways. Can you put this on the show too? Thanks BTW happy -late- Birthday Channel One!!!!!!!!!

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