America’s Largest Landfills

Posted on: 10.06.2014 in interact


  1. Haley

    The government just needs to agree on a different plan to get rid of all this garbage. This could get deadly!

  2. Jman240

    It will just get worse. In truth it is just sad.

  3. #swagstermaster

    if people are saying its bad now, then think of our generation. usually things like this improve for a week, but then get worse as years go on. we live in a trashed country and it will keep on getting worse.

  4. Marcus Niles

    that is way to much trash someone should do something about the waste in this world.:)

  5. Emma Casey

    This has really mad me think of what I throw away .:(

  6. ClayMathews44

    This is revolutionary for the young people of the world.

  7. Sydney Starr

    There is way to much trash, if it can cover the state of Texas TWICE!!!

  8. riley 101

    way to mutch trash douds

    • Breanna24567

      Yeah I would have thought that Cali would have had the least amount of years

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