Are You a Football Guru?

By Abbey Tiderman 09.15.2014 interact

Are you ready for some football? Well, before you Velcro yourself to the couch with the remote and the chips for another weekend of armchair coaching, test yourself on what you really know about American football.


  1. Chuck

    Panthers going to win the super bowl

  2. Federico Brown

    Go lynch and wilson and go seahawks

    • Jdjdjfj

      Go cardinals

  3. Nathaniel

    No the broncos will win the super bowl!!!!

  4. Nathaniel

    No the broncos will!!!

  5. Fhghgngngngh

    The Cowboys are going be the best team in the NFL some day.

  6. Mason

    Go Seahawks!!!!!!!!! They will win the Super Bowl.

    • diego

      You mean the seachickens

      • I THINK

        Actually the Patriots won. So the Seacux suck

        • James Conyers

          Colts are going to win the super bowl this year

        • Connor

          You mean the deflatriots

          • brookelynne

            Aye u right but its all about the carolina panthers

    • Mason

      Yeah they will

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