G20 Quiz

By 11.16.2015 interact

Leaders from the world’s top economies just ended the two-day G20 summit in Turkey with a vow to step up the fight against terrorism.  G20 is short for “The Group of Twenty” because there are 20 members that participate in it — 19 countries and the European Union. G20’s primary mission is to coordinate the global economic policy, but other pressing international issues are also on the annual agenda.

Wondering what this forum of nations is all about? Take the quiz to find out.


  1. walter

    pray for Paris and we all should because Paris needs us.

  2. Iya


  3. Emma Lipich

    I honestly don’t get why America isn’t fighting against ISIS? We need it!!! If we are there next target, shouldn’t we get to them before they get to us? France is dropping bombs while we are sitting on out butts watching them!!! They are DANGEROUS!!! And coming for us!!!

  4. mohamed

    I believe isis will be defeated soon but we must come together as one.

  5. mohamed

    I believe isis will be defeated soon but we must come together as one.
    love is what makes this world beautiful
    together we can defeat isis in short period of time !!!!!!!!!

  6. Jacob

    why do we stand back? WE NEED TO FIGHT!!

  7. trevin

    we need to kill all of isis

  8. Aidan Dove

    It was so easy, but sometimes hard

  9. The Obeast Jacob 64109

    We need to fight back ISIS and Pray for Paris

  10. Christina

    Lets unite and Pray for Paris.

    • Becca Roman

      That was easy but instead of talking about how easy it was we should fight back ISIS after what they did to Paris.

    • Jayden C.J. Walker

      i do agree with uniting and praying for Paris, we should fight back and win this war againsed ISIS, and end this once and for all!

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