Quiz: Are You a Healthy Eater?

By ch1c0nta@ctus 01.17.2016 interact


Knowing what, how much and when to eat is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. Plus, many nutritious foods taste great and come in a wide variety.

Why not see how well you know your way around the food pyramid? You just might find extra energy throughout the day and maybe, your new favorite food.


  1. Jasmine Jewett

    i only missed three but i don’t really look at what is in my food so… OK.

  2. Drake

    I don’t really look at what Is in what I eat so I didn’t do so well on this quiz

  3. Graci Keeton

    I think Eating healthy is good for you because it will help you become a better person. Also eating healthy helps us kids to be more active and not as lazy. To me eating healthy is the best to me and my family we go exercise everyday and we eat healthy everyday. My family does not like fast food because you gain more weight then to lose weight. My family only eat fast food when we need to rush other than that we do not eat fast food.

  4. Allison rockwood

    eating healthy might just get you somewhere if you are a junk food eater your not goi ng to get any where and it gives you muscle

  5. Alexis Dejong

    Sup peeps I love channel one

  6. Sadie

    I luv fruit and I don’t try to eat lot of junk and stuff but … hey I try guy, I try

  7. Mack Rivera

    I did bad! I didn’t know must of these.

  8. katie beth

    im not a healthy eater! i love mcdonalds

  9. BRM

    I got 9/9. 🙂

  10. Komasan

    I eat a lunch able every day for lunch. I’ll try to be healthier.

  11. Hailey

    I grow healthy food. I cook healthy food. Healthy food is gross.

    • Kyla

      yes some foods can be disgusting like brusslesprouts but there are good ones too there are fruits and they are good for you and they can lead to a longer life and good health

  12. alvarezmelissa1

    This is sometimes hard for teens. Most of us love too eat junk food like I do. I hate fruits and veggies! But i think im pretty healthy .

  13. Jessica Maxwell

    I usually eat low fat foods or drinks every day and that could be really bad for my health and for the school so Im going to switch it up eat fruit and vegetables and it will be veggie-Licous for me and my school – Jessica Maxwell

  14. Kiana

    I eat pizza every day or a lunch able the are both bad for me they have low fat and that can not be good for my health I should try eating fruit and vegetables next time thanks – kiana

  15. mackenzie

    Same thing

  16. mackenzie

    Are school dose not have no heathly foods

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